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Originally posted by theblue
Just like any other race, the car which is lighter and puts more HP to the ground should win, and it's not the BMW here...
It's not that simple, and you know it. Let's look at some numbers:

2001 Infiniti I30:
3342lbs / ~237hp = 14.101

2003 BMW 325Ci
3197lbs / ~200hp = 15.985

Fair enough, the I30 looks like a sure winner. Now, let's sprinkle in a few IMPORTANT factors.

1. The 325Ci is RWD, much better off the line traction
2. The I30 is auto, which naturally is a huge handicap.
3. The 325Ci has 5 gears to spread it's torque over, the I30 just 4.
4. With 18" tires, I'm sure he has a much wider footprint to get the power down.

Once you add those to the mix, I'd confidently put my money on the Bimmer. I love Nissans just as much as you, but an auto I30 just isn't going to keep up. If it were a stick Max SE, well then we have a different story altogether.
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