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Originally posted by Krim 325I
yeah i was bidding on them , won the auction, but when i tried to pay via paypal, it said the recepient couldnt accept order from outside U.S. .

So i've sent them a email and i didnt received any answer, i decieded to not waste my time and i bidded on the one jase posted. I cant beleive how much trouble i am getting to only received those damn turn signal. lol.
By bidding on the auction Jase posted WON'T help your situation. If you read at the bottom of the auction, you will see that they also DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL PAYMENT FROM INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS!!!

Just go to the bank and send an International Money Order to for the total amount plus shipping. Because you bid on the lights from, you are legally obliged to pay for IS un contrat!!

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