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Fast drive to Montreal

Hey guys..i just got back from a week in Montreal. I had such a kickass time driving there and back ! On the way there i raced a new porsche carrera ! We started off @ 120km and gave 3 honks of the horn then gunned it I pulled ahead about a car and a half within a couple seconds and then i put the sport button on as i was gunning it and continued to pull away from him up to 220km. Then we ran into a couple slower cars on the highway and i took the lead through the cars and blew him away. It took him a little time to catch up and then we gunned it again. this time he got a little jump on me, but by 180 i was slowly passing him and pulling away.
Later on that drive (going to montreal) i ran into 3 bmw 3 series all travelling at a decent rate of speed which were being lead by a 300zx turbo. I pulled upto the 300zx (lowered, rims, exhaust, gauges, fully modded in other words) and i passed him @ 180 then he pulled upto me and we raced from 160ish. we both down shifted within a second of eachother and then gunned it in 4th. I pulled 4th up to 180 then shifted into 5th and continued to accelerate and pulled about 3 car lengths on him. That was a very very quich 300zx The 3 series cars tried to keep up but fell behind a little. The 5 of us travelled together for about 45 mins @ over 175km the entire time

then on the way back as i am about to get on the highway a new S4 pulled up beside me @ the stop light. We had a pure 2-3 mile OPEN straight away ahead of us. i looked over @ him and he gave me 2 quick revs. It sounded like an aftermarket exhaust and maybe another blot-on mod, but nothing more. So i revved back........and the countdown is on......3 2 1 .....GREEN, i dumped the clutch with sport on and Traction off. I hit a perfect start and pulled ahead of him quickly . I was chirpin the wheels all the way to 4th !! hehehehe. By the time I hit 220 i slowed down to see him about 12 car lenghts behind me HE GOT
I thought the race was over, but then he flew past me (i was doin about 170 and decellerating) keepin his speed around 200 (at least) for minutes........i let him go , and i just slowed down to around 145ish.
I had such a good time.....on the way back (850km) it took me 5 hours and 22 mins !
Fun time for all

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