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Finally installing my M50 manifold

Well, to start let me say I have no digital camera and I really wish I did so I could do a proper write up or something.

Today I spent some time trying to remove the stock intake manifold off my engine. It looks pretty easy judging by the online DIY's and the Bentleys Manual. It's a little more involved I guess, thing get tighter in real life then how they look in pictures.

To start I already had the valve and fuel rail covers off. I removed the intake elbow connected to the throttle body, the HFM, the alternator cooling duct, and unbolted the throttle body from the manifold.

The 2 bolts came off holding on the fuel rail and injectors, and it pulled right off the manifold.

I then removed the 7 nuts holding the manifold to the block, and the two bolts holding the manifold to the manifold support brackets.

This is where things got interesting, I removed the vacuum line to the brake booster, the crankcase vent tube, and lifted the manifold a little to get some access under the manifold. I had to remove the front manifold support off the block too. There are two small vacuum lines that were a pain to get out, and I had to unbolt the thing that is connected to the crankcase vent and the ICV. Undo a bunch of hose clips and sensor plugs and it came out. I think it took me like an hour and a half just to remove it.

I managed to drop one nut that was holding the manifold on. Until now it's still reported missing.

Tomorrow I'll try to install the M50 manifold with the Eurospeed hoses/install kit and hope everything works and that I don't get a CEL.

Then swap software with the M50 chip.
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