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um... whatever it was doing i dont know ...

the brackets were fine...

i just greased the one slider and everything else... couldnt quite grease the 2nd window slider because i had no room... so it was still doing the crap...

the next day i greased the other slider and much to my amazement it works! ... i was sooo happy! it perfect now!

the window stopped if i didnt hold the button the whole way down before... but now its not doing anything bad... its all good...

thanks for all the help...

this way i learned how the window mechanism works... YAY

i like doing stuff on my own... i opened my first lawnmower at 12 completely and put it back together and it worked on the first pull!

ive fixed 3 others (serious problems like bent crankshafts and stuff) ... after that... lol

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