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Question 318i, need help. 3 questions in one.

Hey, i've got a 1991 318i and i've got a few questions.

My primary question is about my ABS, my ABS seems to work only occasionaly and i'm wondering why. In the rain, I had to slam the brakes on, I didn't feel any pulsating in the brake pedal but my car felt like it was locking up and slid sideways in the road, and another time on dry pavement I had to slow down quickly and I heard my tires screech horribly. I wanted to see if my ABS was working or not, so I went onto a backroad and I was able to get it to activate. So my situation is, when I don't need ABS it works, but when I really need it, it doesn't work... any answers?

Secondary Question: When I have my stereo on, and when i'm driving, occasionaly I will tap my brake and the stereo will shutoff for a second, reset, and turn back on. This same effect can be caused by the brights being flicked on and off? This is also confusing me.

Other question: I've had my clutch for the 109,000 original miles on the car, and recently it's been feeling a bit 'spongy' and funny, I can pump the clutch a few times while the car is neutral and I will get the 'engaging' point to normal. My pedal pressure changes everyday, from supersmooth and nice to fairly stiff. Hmm.
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