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Originally posted by Autotechnica

How much do they charge directly from their website? There's no info listed there. Did you feel any difference in terms of airflow under the car at higher speeds?

I was looking at the AC Schnitzer one as well which was similar to this design, only they had a rear diffuser under the rear of the car as well for downforce. I always wanted something like this, just never knew where to find one. The 318's never came with any kind of plastic cover for the bottom, so this is a good investment for 318 owners. I assume it should bolt right up to the OEM M3 front?


Who's website? JT-Designs or M3 Motorwerks?

I don't drive my car in the winter so I don't know about the airflow thing, but even then I don't think it'll make such a difference that I can feel. Next time I go to the wind tunnel I'll run the smoke stream by it and see if it smoothened the air under the car. I don't think it matters to me much mostly because I don't track my car to the point where .001 seconds matters.

AC Schnitzer one costs an arm and a leg does it not?

The JT-D underpanel was made for the M3 bumper and the non-M bumper as well, so you'll have no problem fitting it.

I think the main reason for JT-D designing this was for people who were sick of losing their stock plastic ones constantly, and to offer a little more protection from road debris. That is why I bought it.
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