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*frowns*.. your motor is different than any others that I've seen. But by using logic, can figure out where the magnet is back there.

First, remove the plugs circled in blue. Move them aside to give you room to work.

Second, remove the screws circled in green... you can't see them in the picture, but I'm betting they're on the side. (right side in the pic) DO NOT REMOVE THE SCREWS ALL THE WAY!! (the screws are probably very long, as they'd travel the length of the half-shaft, but very important---don't remove all the way.)

Behind there you'll see the small hole, use a flashlight and you'll see the metal bar in there... down lower you'll see a black thing, pull it up with a tiny screwdriver, strong wire you can bend, etc... push it back up.

Then hold the metal part of the motor and push it back up like you were re-assembling it. (don't screw it back in).. plug it back in, and test it out. If it works.. then glue the magnet in place, and tighten 'er back up.

Let me know how it goes, if you're having difficulty locating the magnet, snap another pic once the metal cover is loosened and opened up and I'll show you.

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