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Originally posted by lvan
I dont belif you can get 28 hp outta chip and 15 from intake. Most of E30 2.7 or 325E have over 200 000km.
That means the engine has about 100hp stock . I heard how mileage kills the hp.. I think 15hp outta chip plus 15 for inatke works out to 25hp max.The stock engine has 122 hp but as I said it goes down after many km. I think to trow intake and chip is ok but not sure how differencial mode goes.
Thats all subjective, high milage dosen't mean you loose HP nessesairly, it all depends how the car was taken care of....and even still you would not loose a whole 22HP unless your piston rings or head gasket were so bad that you couldn't get compression, but in that case the lost power would be the least of your worries.

As for the chip and intake, realistically you would probably be looking at 15HP gain 20lbft tourque with the chip and at the most 3hp with the intake...but probably not even that because you are restricted by the MAF. Go for the chip, MAF upgrade, Catback exhaust, and then air intake/throttle body. and go "I" head for a really mean machine.
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