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he he yes im horny, and i like to start it once a week cause i thought it would be better, i had a bitch of a time starting it last spring after it sat for 6 months. i had to do the same thing hold the gas down for about 5 minutes once the temp needle was normal it ran on its own.

slowered i didnt put any stabilizer in the tank i guess i should then, the weird thing is it was nice last weekend so i took it for a boot around the block, this week its breezing and it doesnt want to run on its own.

mystikal, i have a brand new intake boot, think i should change it know and try it out?? i probably have both a vacuum leak and condensation build up like slowered said somewhere.

the thing is i need to go get the emmissions done before febuary to renew my licence plate sticker and then put it back in hibernation.

jay, adrianos 325e does the same thing in the cold with the idle, i believe i read somewhere that the E model motors have an extra cold start plug or something which could be the problem

think i might try the lay on the gas method, then get some stabilizer
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