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sure man! glad to help out, when i buy my first E30 you guys will have to help me out

ok well VR6 24valve is 200hp, weighs a lot tho, so ive seen and i have videos of Mk4 vr6s doing 15.1 on the track, bone stock. Now the same is true with the 1.8Ts ive seen videos and i have one bone stock 15.3.. officialy VR6 does a 15.3

anyway past the numbers, 1.8T is a superior engine in all ways, stock it cqan take up to and around 25psi, on stock computer management you can hit 14.5psi before limp mode (bone stock) so with a 550dollar chip you get a car that is 200pounds less then a VR6 and has about 30hp more, no rocket science there.

torque is better on a Vr6, in fact daily driving a VR is much easier to drive and has the power available virtually anywhere. VR6 turbo cars are very fast, hitting 280whp is easy.

like an m3 without the weight! hehehe. flat 13s for numbers, then again APR makes a stage3 1.8T conversion that comes close to 300whp... those can pull 12s too.

lol so both are good but i`d still go for a 1.8T with a chip you`ll be very happy.
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