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I have had my 325 up to 190km/h, and could have kept going, its a super eta, so stock I have 128hp, and 170ft/lb of torque, But I have a chip and cold air intake so that boosted it up a little. I think the biggest thing with the eta cars is the fact that we have such long gearing, the final drive is 2.93:1 , and with that final drive in 5th gear the theoretical top speed is something like 300km/h but we don't have the power to overcome the wind resistance, but I think with a diff swap to a 3.25:1 out of an e28 the theoretical top speed goes down to something like 240-260km/h and we would probably be able to get a lot closer to that, because it would be easier for the enigne to continue pulling. I am anxious to try it when I finnaly get my diff swaped out.

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