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Originally posted by Gamite
actually my drive shaft makes that noise.
Are you sure?!? that sucks BIG TIME.
From Bruno's site: If your driveshaft is staring to make some noises when you take off or at low speed, it is time to get a close look at it. Sometimes changing the flex disc and/or the center bearing will do the trick. Sometimes you will have to change the whole driveshaft and bite the bullet.

Here are the symptoms of a worn rear subframe bushing:

1. Rear clunk noise when you disengage the clutch on an upshift / down shift; especially an upshift. when accelerating; the subframe is pulled away from the chasis via the wheel torque. when you push the clutch in, the subframe unloads and hits the chassis creating the thunk.
2. The rear of the car feeling like it steers itself. Probably best to do the rear pitman arms first before the subframe bushings if you have a self steering rear. or, at least have them inspected. If the pitman arms are good then this means the bushings are soft. No real way to inspect the bushings visually. however, if you support the subframe, you can easily remove the arm covering the bushing and see how torn it is.

And here is how to fix it:
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