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yeah on a warm day both of you guys can bring your rides over and I'll fix it up for ya no problem.

Msanity... yeah, no problem. I've torn apart the interior till it's barebones without breaking anything. Mind you, my ride is a sedan... so the panel removal will be slightly different, but i'll be in the Hayes manual anyway. It's very easy to remove actually... just have get to the hidden screws behind the door latch, and the handle on the door... then take off the plastic surround around the latch. (pull the latch and slide the surround off) pry off the mirror control and disconnect. then it's just unclipping it from the door.

Soldomatic... exactly, adjust the first adjustment arm. (the arm can slide up and down maybe around an inch, and re-tighten. The arm controls the angle of the whole window as it goes up and down... so a window would usually look like [ ] going up... but it can tilt the window to \ \ going up. The problem happens when the window is going too much in either direction, the friction caused on the tracks makes the window stop moving. The arm will compensate for that.

328is... I'll post that up in a bit...

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