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...oh and a bug tried to race and i had tires spinnin in all 3 gears and still beat him, lol great night...
You must have shitty tires if you can spin through the first 3 gears with a 325...
I need a 50shot to do that and my engine is not weaker than yours

nice kills though

I don't like the TT's either. My buddy used to have the 180hp version because it's the only one that comes without the "quattro" (awd).
The Audi quattro has such a big power loss, the new 3.2l version (250hp) is hardly faster than the 1.8T with 180hp.

And the DSG is not as great as eveyone keeps saying, it's basically an automatic (pretty slow). I hear it's quite fun to drive though...
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