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Originally posted by BMW_7
I'm suprised that no one bought the fact up that this meet was very dangerous as to regulating the people at the parking lot..

I mean the lot was not that big, and there were often 3 people trying to drift around each others! Wasn't there also quite a lucky near miss as someone got close to T-boning Eurostyle? Or maybe it was someone else, but I remember a red car.

Hey, it's Amur_ from I had the red 7 that kept having it's hood popped after runs - both to cool the motor and warm people's hands.

It was pretty busy in there at times. That "red car" that you're remembering was probably me - I gotta a little close to people a few times... The closest call being when the Wagoneer was spinning; I think I came within 15 feet of that guy. But, hey, nobody wound up in the drink so I hope it's all good.

I have two short vid clips that I hope to have up at soon. Just gotta try to compress them and then get somebody to host. I'll post a link when that's up.

Thanks again to all who came. It was really fun night.
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