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O.K.- Brass tax time....

1. ECU controls fuel: True, but the second system listed on this site uses a piggyback and second set of injectors to supply the fuel. This works, but it's a hack. What really needs to be done is re-engineering the fuel maps, and larger (30 to 36lb) injectors. The timing would also need to be fine tuned to prevent detonation. Without proper fuel supply, yes it will be lean.. then pop- time for a new lump.

2. Diesel compression small- Untrue. Diesel's commonly run on 20:1 compression. My old TDI Jetta ran 22:1 compression. Diesel is just predetermined detonation. Turbo helps the effiecieny and torque of a deisel, but it is not required to run.

3. Intercooler not needed: True, dependand on boost. As boost levels rise the temperature also rises. It is positive for any turbo system to have an intercooler, the bigger the better. A lower temp intake charge is always preferred. So, on a low boost application you may be able to get away without one, but having one will only make your system more complete.

4. Pre tuned ECU on Benz TD. Yes, the factory system is optimized, but this system was not added as an afterthought- it was designed as part of the original car at the time of manufacture. When you add power to any engine, wheather it be normally aspirated or forced induction proper tuning is necessary. Ever put pipes on a bike or sled?

Dinan SC SFW- No this will not work. The best cheap system is A, used AA system or B, RMS with AA tuning. I wouldn't suggest to anyone they buy this system. It's a cheap hack, and as djcontra stated you'd end up replacing, and improving this system so much that you'd be better off doing it right the first time.

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