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Dude there is a guy who I know who has a 325I for sale at a great price!!!!!!!!!! He bought the car from an older woman who has had it ALMOST from day one, she is the second owner of like 5 years. He had an Integra before hand and decided to try BMW, I heard it was for sale and called to yell at him for letting it go after ONLY owning it for 4-5 months. He explained he is selling it to go back to Honda in fear of maintenance in the future, not to mention he lost his job. It is as follows:

1993 4 Dr 325I with Beige leather. It has 105,000 miles and has new struts (Bilstein), brakes, and battery. Aside from this it's ALL stock and has maitenance records. I live in Racine Wi and we have the Highest unemployment in the state so no real bites on his car. He has dropped the price and I'll bet he will go lower yet. asking is now $5,500.00. I personally offered a trade of my Integra (boosted) plus $5,000.00, but he doesn't work so I don't expect him to jump on it. I have a 98 M3 so I'm already covered anyhow, but a GREAT DEAL it him up. He is an aquantance, I guess I'd consider him a freind, I know him cause we both have Integras, ask him for better details etc. And maybe do me a fav and not mention that I publically posted all this info on him, it doesnt do him any good to know it and it would make me feel better, I mean the job and low ballin him and all. Thanks and CYA!
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