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Originally posted by jmalixi
Are you saying slotted rotors do not have reduced pad contact? The pad doesn't have any contact with the grooved portion of the slotted rotors so it suffers the same reduction of contact.
Slotted rotors do have reduced pad to rotor contact but alot less than X-Drilled. With X-Drilled rotors there are always holes constantly passing beneath the pad. And for slotted it sweeps pass the pad.

Look at F1 cars. No slots no holes...just a solid vented rotor. I personally choose slotted over x-drilled since x-drilled felt worse than a stock solid rotor.

So if you want performance out of your braking system save your money and upgrade the brake lines to braided stainless steel lines (to reduce brake fade), good pads, and a harder rotor (solid/vented or slotted/vented).
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