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sounds okay... all minor problems. OBC is easily fixed... fixed a good 20-25 of them myself... charge a couple bucks and ship em back to the owners. headliner can be re-glued for $10. driver's seat can be replaced... not sure what's wrong with it. cd player is cheap for a stock one.. you'll prolly go aftermarket anyway. Sunroof... what's wrong with it?.. that can be an expensive repair.

But here are the important questions.

What color is the oil? ... any metal flakes in it?
How does the car idle? ...
does the car stay straight when you slam on the brakes and let go of the steering wheel?
does the steering wheel turn when you go over potholes?
any grinding or knocking (not ticking) in the engine bay?.. how about when you rev high then release?
what happens when you slam on the gas then release?... any knocking sounds from the shock mounts?.. subframe?
ABS kick in when you slam on the brakes?
any play in the steering wheel? ...
automatic or manual?.. if manual how's the clutch?... how easily does the car shift from 1st to 2nd without depressing the clutch?.. if you push gently it should be able to slide right in without any grinding.

.. etc.etc.
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