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Found my 325is, should I buy it?

Hey guys, after countless ads, phone calls, and borrowed car road trips, I think I have found the car for me, but seeing as it is a 1993 there are a few problems with it. The car is selling for $6450 USD ($8,600 CAD) and is pushing 140,000 miles (225,000 km). Here is the list of things that i found wrong with the car (it goes to a mechanic tomorrow to get a more thurough inspection)

1. The headliner is starting to fall a tiny bit

2. There are 2 or 3 buttons on the OBC that require excessive force to push

3. The driver's seat is ripped at a seam and will not fold forward to allow access to the back

4. the Sunroof has seen better days

5. The CD player refuses to read cds (disc error)

The engine and transmission (as far as i can tell) pull great, and are a dream to drive.

What can you guys tell me about fixing some of these things or replacing some broken parts? Is it in the right price range?

Any advice would be great guys, I can wait to officially join the 'club.'
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