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you probably dont know what you are doing so let me help. go to autozone and by a cheap compression tester. it doesnt matter that its cheap, because you are using the same gauge for all the cylinders. also buy some marvel mystry oil. and a seringe (spelling). take out your plugs and do a compression test, write down your results. now take the seringe and get a little bit of oil (marvel) and put it in the cylinder, test that cylinder again. repeat this with each cylinder, make sure you use the same amount of oil per cylinder (only use a little bit, i use and oil can like in wizard of oz for the tin man and just squirt it two times [maybe 50cc's?]). now the reading should be higher than the dry cylinders, if not then you know that the valve stem seals or guides are worn and all you have to do is rebuild the head. if the rings are bad the compression will not be so accurate and will need to have a leak down test preformed. the rings mean you have to rebuild the bottom end. hope this helps. this is the cheapest way to find out, so if you have a friend with the gauge you wont have to buy one, they are only 10 bucks at autozone. you can buy a good one like the one i have for 185 bucks but that is only because i am a mechanic and i use it all the time and need one that can be accurate over and over again. it is also used for other things so i recomend the cheap stuff because you arent going to need it as often.
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