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Originally posted by toffa182
is it possible to drill your own holes and get satisfactory result?
Wow..I'm not really going to comment, I think you already know the answer.

Well, so I won't be an ass, you can have new rotors drilled by a specialist and have the same effect, HOWEVER, those rotors will be VERY susceptible to stress cracks and they won't last nearly as long as x-drilled from brembo or zimmerman.

Brembo x-drilled rotors are drilled into the rotor and then go through a series of heat and chemical treatments to reduce susceptibility to stress cracks. The holes are cast into the rotors in Zimmerman's rotors for the same purpose as brembo's heat treatments. No matter what, x-drilled rotors won't last as long as regular rotors, but they will reduce pad fade and improve brake stopping distance as well as stopping distance consistency. Holes allow for gas, water, and pad dust to escape as well as improve heat dispersion.

Slotted rotors "eat up" pads because the pads "bite" into the edges of each slot. The slots also allow for gas to escape and etc... Slotted rotors are ideal for track and school use but will wear your pads faster.

Everything depends on your application. Remember rotors are meant to be replaced on an consistent basis, so slotted and/or slotted rotors will perform better than standard rotors, you just have to make sure to replace them as needed.

Aesthestics are important to some, myself included, so x-drilled rotors are good for the street and occasional auto-x use, as well as looking nice. I would not recommend slotted rotors for street use.

BUYER BEWARE...Brembo x-drilled rotors are GOLD in color. The silver cross drilled rotors for sale on ebay that say brembo are not brembo drilled rotors. They are brembo rotors, but the seller has the holes drilled by a separate company and they are not heat or chemical treated. Recommend to stay away from these, you get what you pay for.

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