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OK, time for me to make my presence known in this thread...

1: T.P. Randy and Sickfinga did get freaky, they are obviously into 'role-playing' since Randy played the part of the big, bad mummy and Vlad played the helpless nubile victim. I have the pics to prove, and Vlad now has crabs, the clap, and the dougalls. they are in APS format so I have to get them developed + scanned, but I'll post em asap.

2: Nelson's Isuzu... 1 headlight, 2 people, 872839 brake stands, all power.

3: 7 guys in a Yukon XL.... you will be able to see all the pics at

4: The city of Windsor, population 3247685 Men: 1 Woman. And the 1 woman is suffering from a bad case of the dougalls.

5: The concept of Distance measurement according to Al. Al blocks increase exponentially.

1 Al block = 1 normal city block = a 2 minute walk
2 Al blocks = 4 city blocks = I take a cab
3 Al blocks = the distance from Toronto to Windsor
4 Al blocks = a round the world vacation is about a 4 Al Block walk
5 Al blocks = If you go 5 Al blocks, you are now the first man on Uranus

6: Terry's car was dirty... Ryans car was dirtier... Randy's Yukon was McFrigiindirty. Keep in mind that liquids instantly freeze when they hit windshields, hoods, etc. Some of the weapons of mass destruction included: Milk (chunky, yogurt shaped milk), coffee, creamers from Tim Hortons (which make incredible splashes when they hit windshields at 130km/hr), chocolate milk, water, coke, a full sized apple juice from McDonalds (which missed ), and the king of da bomb's was a Chicken McGriddle which hit smack on the Yukons giant windshield.
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