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That show was actually pretty good. The MB SLR and the Carrera GT were my two favorite cars there (probably the two most expensive there). My favorite car there that I can afford (and it's not really anything special) is this blue 330Ci with full black alcantera interior. Man I love alcantera.

Thanks everyone for making the show much funner, and thanks Randy for screaming out my gf's name in the middle of the show when we couldn't find her

By the way, on the way home I got pulled over by a cop (still in Windsor) for having my front licence plate blocked (courtosy of Randy and his Yukon XL peeling out in front of me) and having a headlight out. I got let off.

And that hamburger at the Roadhouse ruled!!! I want to go back for another.

I also love how clueless some people working at the show was.

To those who wanted to know, yes I was wearing earplugs on the way there due to my trucks exhaust noise, yes my heater worked, even though my girlfriends window was constantly covered in interior frost, and my truck consumed 2L of oil trying to keep up with you guys at 130-140km/h all the way to Windsor. When I pulled out the dipstick it was totally dry. No oil on the stick what so ever.
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