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Originally posted by EMPOWERD
Hey Ryan... that sig.... Does that also apply to the MonteCarlo? The Hood tasted like frozen chocolate, window tasted like frozen yogurt and dashboard/door skin like a double double.
Randy: Nothing compaired to the cronic yukon/room 215! Your lucky the miguel secret weapon didn't work! hahha

Al (windsor): Thanks so much for showing us around, Keeping Randy out of jail, helping me to get around without ID, Feeding us good home made greasy food, Cheetahs! Thanks again ...but i'm never walking another 2 Al-block in the winter AGAIN!

Sickfinga! hahha i love that truck of yours... your lucky you went to London before it got messy LOL

BmwF1: 90 hp is a joke! get it?

Miguel: waiting on your photo's, use them wisely
The major difference between my 318is and an e30 M3 is that the noises come from the engine and not the passengers
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