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The trip down was awesome... the drive down was hilarious, especially the FRS Radio entertainment. "Let's take him down to 60km..." you guys kill me....

to bad we got split up after the show. Myself and WhadUpp ended up leaving the show around 7pm. the damn Terminal Bus took forever getting across because of the Red Wings game going on. got lost finding the friggin' parking lot from the Customs Office.

Heading back to the hotel, i got pulled over for "supposedly" running a red light. I told him it was amber. anyhow, he let me off after answering some b.s questions...

We got to the hotel about 8:30ish and didn't see the SUV. sorry for making u guys wait up. anyhow, we headed back to TO seeing it was still early.

I will post some pics soon...

Randy, where did u guys end up going that night?
btw, Terry stole my FRS Radio!!!! I'm calling the cops mofo....
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