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Originally posted by _dk_
i've only used tokico blues once- on my current VW- but they've been there with eibach springs for almost 3 years and are still stiff enough to keep that car cornering flat without a front anti-roll bar... and this includes a couple of rally-style 50-60mph excursions on unpaved roads.

not trying to argue with anyone, but the one time i blew $700 on koni adjustables they were soft after a few weeks w/ H&R race springs, and kept going soft again after re-adjusting them.
Don't make the mistake of comparing the same shock model between cars, it's pointless. There are so many variables to the point of telling you nothing really.

What car did you blow Koni SA's on?! I've heard of them run on the TRACK, on E30 club racers. They lasted season after season.
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