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What would you do in this situation

Last night, when I was sitting in my car waiting for my wife to come out of grocery store, these 2 black punks driving a Honda CRV pulled in and parked beside me. I didn't think of anything and just went on playing with the radio system. All of sudden, one of the black punk open his door hard and slam his door at my door. I was in shocked when I heard it and felt the hit.
When I look outside, the f^^ing asshole gave me a smirk and walk toward his friend. I went ouside to check the damage, his buddy yells out...'You f***ing chicks with your deserve that....'

The damage sustained from last night was paint got chipped off and a deep indentation on the driver's door.

By that time, my wife has came out from the grocery store so I held back and left with my wife. On the way home, I was furious and wondering what I would of have done.

Why is that people these days, espically punks don't respect people's property and they have to be so racist......

Just want to know what you guys would of done in this situation.
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