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Originally posted by SickFinga
Julian, wasup with you?
in one thread you like new cars, in another you hate them.
well lets review bangles work

E38 vs E65
Well I cant say E65 looks better, not E65 is what 7 series suppose to be, E38 looked way to sporty for a big luxury car.

E39 vs E60
Id take E60

Z3 vs Z4
Never like Z3/M Roadster, so Z4 without a doubt.

6 series, i dunno, not a fan of it from the pictures, gotta see in person.

E46 vs E90
If the pics are correct, FUK E46.

X5 looks amazing too.

So I honestly dont know waht you are talking about here.
I don't like 7 or 5. I like the coupes, but that's it.

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