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Originally posted by Gamite
Too good to be true??? Looks like some execs in BMW needed a swift kick in the ass, like, dropping sales due to UGLY CARS!
Julian, wasup with you?
in one thread you like new cars, in another you hate them.
well lets review bangles work

E38 vs E65
Well I cant say E65 looks better, not E65 is what 7 series suppose to be, E38 looked way to sporty for a big luxury car.

E39 vs E60
Id take E60

Z3 vs Z4
Never like Z3/M Roadster, so Z4 without a doubt.

6 series, i dunno, not a fan of it from the pictures, gotta see in person.

E46 vs E90
If the pics are correct, FUK E46.

X5 looks amazing too.

So I honestly dont know waht you are talking about here.
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