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Adding cd changer, space/wiring? 2002 - 325i

I'm assuming a couple of things here... I have a 325i 2002. I have ordered the HK sound upgrade but did not opt for the cd changer..

I assume that the wiring is in place? How can i easily remove the covering to see whats behinde it, i tried prying the little clips and one came off nicely but the others don't want to budge..

I know I need some sort of converter between an Alpine cd changer and the BMW system?

My biggest concern is that i don't see a littl trap door inside my trunk where i normaly see the changer installed..? I do not want to cut a hole there as this wouldn't look very nice.. Should i replace the inside covering material with the one that has the cd changer trap door on it? Or how should i go about this? I'm thinking of getting the alpine unit which does MP3's.. Thanks..
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