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On the Niagara Cruise I was chilling in 745i's car while everyone else was inspecting Shaz's 328is widebody.... I got a chance to touch every button in that E65. Let me tell you what I noticed....

-the steering wheel is heated
-the center console bin is air conditioned to keep drinks cool
-there's a massaged in the front seats for your rich SORE ASS
-the seats are also cooled with fans so your SORE ASS doesn't sweat
-there's a button you push that activates enough brake so the car doesn't creep forward while at a red light in "drive".
-the mouse in the middle really makes everything quick and easy to access.
-the rear passengers have sun shades on every window.
-the car is DAMN fast.... takes the X5 4.6is on the highway and gave my dad's Euro a better run for the money than Vlads E36 M3.
-The trunk open and closes completely automatically
-All doors shut automatically if left ajar.
-when the warranty runs out... you have to sell the car to pay for any repairs on it.
-the rear seats wipe the passenger's ASS after they get scared from the great handling

Well, the last one's not true, but I wouldn't put it past the design team.
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