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Originally posted by BladeRunner
I realide that my engin is a M10 and yours is either M42 or M44 (same diff I say) but do you think any of this would hold true for my 18-21 year old motor.
I'm not too familiar with the M10 motor. I just know it once produced an awesome 1200HP in a '83 formula 1 car. I know the M10 motor is very strong indeed. What's the compression ratio of the M10? The M42 is 10.5:1 I think, I forget.

Anyways, there is a popular supercharger kit for the M42/M44 which produces 175RWHP and it runs at around 7-8psi which is relatively low. This uses the Eaton blower with a kit designed by Downing Atlanta. It's true the M42 doens't like to be turbocharged. I've heard from people who have turbocharged the motor have run into a lot of problems.

The M42 motor was made to be revved. It's been used on the race track in BTCC for 3 years. It was the 2.0L S42 they called it, which was just a highly tunned M42 motor. Just before that they were using the S14 motor in their E36 chassis.

After reading some articles, I read that the M42 motor's technology was based on the 850 motor, I don't know how true this is, but that's what I read. I think the M10 and M42 motors are really quite different.

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