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Re: E34 vs. E39 540i 6spd differences??

Originally posted by theblue
hello, my question is what are the differences between the motor / tranny and other mechanics of a 95' 540i 6spd and the next generation?? are they similar enough that the same mods will fit both?

any 5 experts on here???

I'm looking at a VERY good deal on a 95 540i spd with 126K miles on it and want to to know if down the road a little a rebuild and supercharger from the newer one will fit... I've always like the E34 the best! (ronin style!)
Is the E34 better than an E39? Yes. but im prejudice.

Are they similar? no. The only parts that are interchangeable are the rims. If you want to use E39 wheels (hub center = 74mm) you will need hubcentric rings (parts# A670 from tirerack @$4.00 ea).
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