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i was gonna say shorten your gearing up a little more, but after looking it up you've got 4.10 already... idunno about anything past that for the street, i chickened out and went with 3.91 myself

if you've got a good exhaust on, then i'd agree w/ the previous poster- intake, chip, and then headers w/ a good aftermarket cat would be my route... if you don't want trouble from the cops around where i live that's about what you're restricted to, and only then when they have the proper paperwork...

which is why on my last VW i went on a huge weight-reduction binge- removed PS, the entire AC system, and a good chunk of the interior all at once- made quite a difference once i'd gotten a 16v engine in. whether or not you're willing to live w/o these amenities on a daily basis is your call... but if you don't have a lot of money to throw at the car right now, the colin chapman approach always helps
1989 325is (3.91LSD, 205/55-15 on 15x6.5)
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