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Originally posted by E46_lover

oh, btw about the manifold..u can turn the stock M20 manifold upside down for it to work, and get a custom flange (pronounced with a short A sound, like FLAN-JUH lol..)made or something (heard that from randy)

you'll need a fuel pressure regulator, does that turbo have an internal wastegate?

gauge pods arent entirely the small stuff for last, like the a/f gauge, and turbo boost gauge...u can always get those. already have:


You need:

Flange on the manifold to fit your turbo (t-spec can prolly make one, or randy can..costs around 400 i think)
Possibly a wastegate
Fuel Pressure regulator
Intercooler (use a stock audi or mitsubishi one since u arent running high boost)
you need a downpipe, probably 2.5"..but i think a 3" downpipe might be better

AND..a lot of $ because dyno tuning ISNT cheap.

For the wastegate and Fuel Pressure regulator i cant find one that is made for e30s. is there a company that makes a universal one for all cars?
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