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found somewhere on the net.....

When creating the 850CSi's S70 V12 motor, BMW Motorsport began with the standard 24-valve SOHC M70 engine and instituted the following changes:
-Increased bore (from 85mm to 86mm) and stroke (from 79mm to 80mm) for a new total displacement of 5,576cc (from 4,988cc)
-Lighter pistons
-Increased compression (from 8.8:1 to 9.8:1)
-More aggressive valve timing for increased high-rpm power
-Larger diameter exhaust pipes
-Variable rpm limit (6,400 in 1st+2nd, 6,200 in 3rd, 6,100 in 4th. 6,000 in 5th+6th)
-Adjustable throttle sensitivity via dual mode (Sport or Komfort) console-mounted switch
-Engine oil cooler (European-spec models only)

These modifications resulted in an increase in maximum power from 300 hp (DIN) or 296 hp (SAE) at 5,200 rpm to 380 hp (DIN) or 372 hp (SAE) at 5,300 rpm. In addition, maximum torque was increased from 332 lb/ft at 4,100 rpm to 402 lb/ft at 4,000 rpm.

This engine can be identified by the "Powered by M" inscription on the central cam cover between the two banks of cylinders.

What kind of gearbox does the 850CSi have?
The sole gearbox offered for the 850CSi was the Getrag Type E six-speed manual with the following ratios: 4.25 (1), 2.53 (2), 1.68 (3), 1.24 (4), 1.00 (5), 0.83 (6). This is mated to a 2.93:1 rear end with limited slip differential. In addition, Automatic Stability Control plus Traction (ASC+T), which can apply the brakes and/or reduce engine power in the event of traction loss, is fitted as standard to the 850CSi. Finally, European-spec models are equipped with a transmission oil cooler."
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