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What pisses me the most is that 99% of E30 M3 owners think they own a real BMW, a real M and a real race car.
real BMW, yah last time I checked they are real BMW's
a real M, pretty sure that ///M badge came frfom the factory
a real race car, not quite but many reputable ppl say it is quite close. I've enver been in one or been to the track so I can't comment. I understand there are many better BMW's, neweer car are better, if they weren't ppl would be go back to the older models.

Im not asking BMW to limit production and keep the car exclusive
you don't have to tell me about how BMW is a business, and just want to make money. All I have learned for the last 4 months has been buiness at school, even did a 4 page case study on BMW and their advertising/marketing/selling.

When I am buying my first newcar, I PERSONALLY would like to buy something rare, different and fast. Those are MY priorities, I drive an E30 now because I have loved them since I was a kid living in the UK and my dad had a few. I understand that half of the cars on max are faster than mine. Regardless, the E30 m3 is a rare car, I enjoy that about it and you can't take that away from me.

TLaselva, thanks for clearing up alot of stuff with regards to the Z06
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