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Originally posted by SickFinga
Actually Z06 is better on gas
Glad to see someone's actually know's what their talking about.

[i]i drive my car a lot (which i DO) i'd much rather be driving a 3.2 six, then a monstrous 5.7L eight (correct?)
And why would you rather be driving a 6?

Let's see.
- The Aluminum block of the LS6 actually is lighter than the Iron block of the S54.
- The LS6 returns better fuel economy. The Z06 isn't penalized with the Gas Guzzler tax unlike the E46 M3....
- Having enough torque to light up the rear in 2nd gear from idle, or enough torque to fishtail the car shifting into 3rd at over 100 kph?
- LS6's ability to, on average, be able to take more punishment?
- V8's ability to easily and economically be modified to insane HP levels, unlike the S54?

Now I'm not saying the S54 isn't a marvel of automotive engineering. The S54 has the LS6 licked in the tech dept. But in the end, 'There's no replacement for displacement.'
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