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Help! I've got a major situation with the e30

Okay, I filled up yesterday and came home and parked the e30 and was going to put it up on the ramp to fix or take off my rattling heat shield.........
When I came out I noticed liquid dripping from behind the drivers side door......By now there was a nice big stain on the driveway and it is gas.........
I jacked the side of the car up to look under and one of my lines has a hole in it and the side of the gas tank where it is welded is all rusted away and gas is escaping from the tank.......
Now, I managed to stop the leaking fuel by raising the drivers side up so the gas wouldn't flow out. I don't want to start the car in case I blow up and my mechanic isn't open till monday nor is the dealership.......What should I do?
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