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Originally posted by ROBM3
Nice photoshopping skills there Jon.... hahahahaha
watever u 2 faced bitch.

look, we all know u WISH u were a race car driver..why else would someone with 2 track experiences want a FULL OUT ex DTM race car?

why did u bug will Z and dont even have $ for one? why did u bother randy about it? why did u post that ferrari/porsche thing? ur more of an attention whore than ANY post whore out there.

im owning u on here, just like i did in front of all your civic buddies (who dont even like u anyway)

u just got nailed, for talking shit...i dont think they care..because they prolly dont like u (Pat dont really like me either i bet lol)

hey, mr. track expert...should i get my sways, and bushing, and roll cage even before i touch the track the first time in my life? oh wait...forget the track, i forgot about the ALIGNMENT.

or will the miss-alignment of the wheels help me "push my car to the limits" on a LAPPING event (which u arent supposed to push ur car to the limits anyways!)...

Like i said on one gets along with u because of ur attitude, dont talk shit..then go "oh nice pshop" like the retard that u can be.

edit: i just noticed that the box in the msn convo covered up the qoute i used..anyways, if i pshopped everything..i think i'd edit out that too..dont u think?

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