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Is it illegal to mod your car? Here's the revised Ontario Legislation Bill 241.

It has been brought to our attention that the revision of Bill 241 - Road Safety Act, 2002, is an act to enhance safety and mobility on Ontario's roads...specifically section 172.2 (1) states:

"172.2 (1) No person shall drive or permit to be driven on a highway a motor vehicle with a prescribed part, containing a prescribed substance or equipped with prescribed equipment in prescribed circumstances."

Basically, this indicates that ANY aftermarket performance part installed on a motor vehicle can be labeled illegal. The direct effects will include Police having complete discrepancy over what constitutes an illegal street car based on evidence that the vehicle has ANY aftermarket performance parts installed.

Let's not even joke about what this Bill will do to our growing industry. Performance aftermarket suppliers will not be able to sell parts legally. Tickets will be issued by the Police for air filters, mufflers, lowered suspension, turbo kits, etc. Anything more than stock may be considered illegal as it could indicate tendencies to street racing.

They are attempting to curb street racing by making any performance improvements above 'stock' illegal. Police have the right to impound vehicles and suspend licenses for vehicles with parts or equipment associated with street racing. The only solid understanding in the legislature is the indication towards the banning of nitrous oxide or NOS, ie. a "prescribed substance". This we can all understand is a piece of equipment intended for extreme performance and should be used only under a controlled racing environment such as a speedway track. Whilst the Bill's intentions are well directed, the wording is very vague and "more targeted enforcement and penalties for illegal activities" should be clearly outlined.

Take the time to read the revisions on the

Also, you may read and sign (11,756 signatures 4-April-03) the online petition...
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