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Originally posted by Mystikal

Who said anything about my car? The point of the thread is tips for Jon, and if you have seen his car (and I know you have), it's tucking all 4 tires. Because of his needs, I'm telling him that Koni's are best suited for him.
I said that because you said any E30 with good springs stiffer or lower than Eibachs shouldn't use Bilsteins, and you said for that reason Bilsteins are no good for E30s. Which would suggest that you think Eibach's aren't good springs and that only springs that lower your car more or are stiffer than Eibachs are good. My point was that lowering your car too much isn't appropriate for street use, therefore, Bilstein's work just fine w/ street/track setup. If you want to use "race" springs, use race dampers like Koni.

I know this thread is about Jon's car. However, I'm not convinced that KONI makes better dampers for lowered springs than Bilstein does.

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