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Originally posted by Autotechnica

I hope your comparing Bilstein Sports with Koni Adjustables. Because Bilstein heavy duty's are often mistaken for Bilsteins top line of dampers.

Bilstein only makes the "Sport" damper for a small selection of automobiles. If you look at Bilstein's catalog, all or most Japanese imported cars only have Heavy Duty dampers available and not the Sport. Heavy Duty is best for stock or slightly lower springs, which is what the quotes you provided suggested. Could this be the one you're talking about? In this case, most owners of Japanese imports will definitely choose Koni over Bilstein as they have the sportier and stiffer shocks. For E36, I have heard nothing good about the KONI dampers, but only good things about Bilstein Sport. Some people on BMWPlanet a while back even complained that the KONI's were too stiff for street use, and that the shock travel was too short so they were bottoming out.
I am fully aware of the difference between HD and Sport models.

Originally posted by Autotechnica
Bilstein recommends you do not use HD dampers for lowered springs, therefore if E30 owners only have the "HD" dampers availble to them, it would explain why they blow in less than a year.
They are both available for the E30. The Sport is much more popular, and the one I am referring to in my posts.

Originally posted by Autotechnica
I think your letting your obsession with slamming your car get to you.
Who said anything about my car? The point of the thread is tips for Jon, and if you have seen his car (and I know you have), it's tucking all 4 tires. Because of his needs, I'm telling him that Koni's are best suited for him.
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