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Originally posted by Autotechnica
Well I drive my car on the street a lot. Race springs wouldn't seem too practical for my car. My Eibach pro kits are as stiff and as low as I want to go.

I actually heard the opposite, that Koni's are usually meant for track use and not street because they do not have as much rebound and bottom out. I don't know about E30's, but 90% of E36 owners I know who have lowered suspension are using Bilstein dampers. They seem to work just fine for us. Remember that most of us still drive our bimmers on the street, auto-x and track performance doesn't count. You have to comprimise.

My friend has 180,000km's on his '92 325 and has been using the same Bilstein shocks on his H&R stage II springs for 11-12 years. None of them have blown. Not to say that KONI's aren't great shocks too. I just don't see the problem with Bilsteins.


Once you lower your car you HAVE to do an alinment. I waited too long to do mine after I lowered my car and messed up my tire patches completely. I regret not doing it sooner.

Doing dounuts also completely messes up your alinment, not to mention almost everything else. Try not to do it too often.

Well, I can't really argue with you, since I'm talking about E30 Sport models. Bilstein is an amazing company but their E30 line just needs some rethinking.
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