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No you're just arrogant. I don't run one (an a/f guage), I know my car runs a lot richer than the prescribed stoychiometric ratio number of 14.7 lbs of air to 1 lb of fuel. My car probably runs in the neighborhood of 13.2 lbs of air to 1 lb of fuel. I will say this though, the car is responsive from 2200 rpms through the entire powerband. I have raced an e36 m50 that had a chip, and beat em, raced an e46 325i stock and beat em, raced an e46 330i and was able to keep up with em. The m20b25 motor is a keeper for me. It is easy to work on and fairly simple to modify, as long as you stay n/a. The chassis is also a lot lighter than an e36. As far as doing the conversion to an e36 motor, it is too time consuming for me. Yes you can bolt on a lot of horse power, but it can be very expensive. Also, it will probably add 200-250 lbs to the front end of your car. To me it would be a lot more feasible to acquire an evo 3.2 liter crank and build a high performance or supercharged m20. I may not get 300hp @ the wheels, but do I really need it? No, the car is my daily driver/weekend car.
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