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Originally posted by Mikester
at the beginning i didnt even wanna go too fast until these guys started flooring it...i started catching up slowly and i saw the needle go above 200 lol... then i wanted to pass them but it was impossible due to the traffic.... so i took the collectors and passed them while they were on express... then me and mystikal were side by side, and i didnt wanna let him get away again, so i did something stupid.. lol
but yea 323 or 328, doesnt matter.... this guy has got some really good driving skills
next time he's going down!!!!!!!!!!
LOL, right off the bat omid started gunning it, so I had to keep up. Like I said, I was bouncing off the speed limiter repeatedly, and when I wasn't I was holding it somewhere north of 200. E46's are also a good but more aerodynamic, at that speed his extra 20hp is slowed down a bit.

Thanks for the compliment!
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