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Originally posted by bmwm5lover
I've owned both a 4 door bmw, and i currently own a 2 door BMW, and to tell you the truth, hauling people in the iS is a pain in the ass! The 2 door, on the other hand, is a cop, babe, and racer magnet... i get looks from the cops all the time, the ladies love it when u tell them you drive a BMW(any year for that matter, but ofcourse, the newer the better), and every civic, integra, and golf guy on the road will wanna race you. Another thing, insurance will rape ya man. i just got my renewal, and my insurance is getting iuncreased, b/c its a 2 door iS. It really comes down to your priorities, and how much you use the back seat..
arg..see technically the car WILL be under my parents name but i will be the actual driver of it. so that might help the insurance. i would never race my car, my parents already told me that if i ever get a speeding ticket that was definately my fault, as in 20 over or more

they would just take the keys away from me

so i guess it all comes down to car availability, colour, and price when i'm ready to buy.

so far i'm thinking 93-95 325is or 325i...

however are there more reliability issues with the 318s than there are for the 325s?

cuz the 318 would definately be cheaper on gas, as well as insurance...wouldnt it?

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