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Fiberglass kit - should I or shouldn't I?

Hi all,

I have been in a constant battle in my head regarding the future of the exterior of my ride. I have an M3 kit and paint job owed to me and the car will be going in to the shop very soon to be done.

THe only thing that I wonder about now is that I drive my car in the winter and I have seen some fiberglass M3 kits on cars and they look too fake. After throwing a real set of 18" ACS on my car, I think it may be silly to do a fiberglass kit now.

I would get the real one if I could and if someone has a front bumper for a sedan (M3) I would be interested. The thing is that I recently bought a house and I can not afford to spend on a kit for my car for now. Thats why I was thinking of throwing the fiberglass kit on now and getting it painted....

What do u all think?? ANy ideas for me?? **Confused**
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